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+ Comments saint - 12-07-2008
This is underbelly of the tres-gothic St. Johns Bridge in Portland shot from Cathedral Park. Designed by David Bernard Steinman, I always thought this bridge and the Golden Gate were designed by the same person because the two are so similar. I guess it was just a trend (both were built in the 30s). The Golden Gate was actually designed be Joseph Strauss, one of Steinman's rivals. I think if I wasn't a photographer, I'd be a historian. I love this stuff. PS: I also leaned a new word today. My "daily" photoblog hasn't be so daily lately, so I wanted to find another word to use in the nav. It had to be short to fit the site layout and PERSONAL was too long and generic. With a trip to, I found the word diurnal as an synonym for daily. It meas pertaining to the day. Or in my case, "photo of the day" instead of "photo a day".