i-5 overpass over water
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+ Comments i-5 overpass over water - 24-10-2007
Okay, today I will definitely probably post the HD3ii vs 5D review. I had too much catch up yesterday. Anyway, I almost threw this shot away. It was in an outtake pile from a shoot last week with Seattle Magazine. The shoot was planned for last Monday and the forecast was not good. It was supposed to be an outdoor shoot, so I went to a place that I could get to shelter quickly. Fortunately, I had one of those perfect cloudy, but bright, weather days. The shots came out awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing them in print. I took this on my way home. Yeah, it's a little dark, but I love those blacks. UPDATE: Canon 5D vs. Hasselblad H3Dii Test article has been posted: Click Here