boots for destruction
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+ Comments boots for destruction - 26-09-2007
Good news! I have just been accepted into the PhotoShelter Collection! It's still in BETA, but this is a new stock agency model that I believe will save the stock photography market. For one, photographers receive 70% of the sale. This is totally unheard of in the industry with most agencies taking anywhere from 50% to 70% of the sale of your work. So, with a payout like that, I believe seasoned pros and up-and-comers will flock to it. PhotoShelter sets their pricing using PhotoQuote, the industry standard for stock pricing. This means if a photo of mine sells for a Rights Managed license for full page editorial use in a magazine with 50,000 press run, I will make 70% of $459. Now doesn't that sound better than what the 25¢ you get from microstock? My advice to all photographers of all levels out there, don’t sell yourself short. You’re a creative and your talent has value. Value that can make you a living if you know what to do with it. More on PhotoShelter later. Or check it for yourself: